GraphDragon is a function graphing program with capabilities similar to a graphing calculator. It has many features useful to high school students studying mathematics, with several features related to Calculus.

GraphDragon is based on GraphMonkey, but includes a different interface and several additional features.

GraphDragon is free software, released under the GPL (Gnu General Public License). You are free to use the program and its source code under the terms of the license. Written in C# for Mono, the program is multi-platform and can be run on any operating system that supports Mono. It has been tested on Windows and Linux.

Installing and Running GraphDragon


  1. Download the latest edition of Mono for Windows and install it.

  2. Download GraphDragon and extract the contents of the zip file to a folder such as My Documents. This will create a subfolder named graphdragon within My Documents.

  3. From the Mono submenu in your Start Menu, launch the Mono XXX Command Prompt (where XXX is the current Mono version). This will start a command window similar to what you used to see in the days of DOS.

  4. At the prompt, type:
    mono "My Documents\graphdragon\GraphDragon.exe"
  5. Assuming you extracted GraphDragon to your My Documents folder, GraphDragon should start.


  1. Make sure Mono is installed on your system.

  2. Download GraphDragon and extract the contents to a folder such as your Home directory.

  3. Open a console and cd to the graphdragon directory.

  4. Launch GraphDragon by typing:
    mono GraphDragon.exe

Mac OS X

  1. I have not tested GraphDragon on Mac OS X, but in theory, it should run on a system with Mono installed in the same way that it does on a Linux system.
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