Spanish Translation of GradeL

Today, I uploaded a Spanish translation of GradeL version 0.12.1 to SourceForge.  The translation was completed by Matthew Parmigiani (Matías Parmigiani) from Argentina.  We put together this translation using brute force.  Matt just went through the code and translated all of the text in the menus and dialogs to Spanish.  In the future, I hope to incorporate this translation into the source using the translation features of Gambas and the Gambas IDE.

This was a learning experience for me and I’m grateful to Matt for volunteering.  One important note about GradeL and this translation is that this release still uses the American notation for decimals numbers with the period as the decimal separator.  Through Matt (and Wikipedia) I now know that some countries and languages use a comma as the decimal point, not the period like we do here in the US.  In the future, I should be able to accommodate this difference into the code as well.

As usual, you can download GradeL here.

Take care,