Checking for Updates brings new dependencies.

Many of the programs I use these day provide a feature where they will update themselves or at least check to make sure the user is running the most current stable version.  I have added the latter to GradeL.

Now, in the Help menu, there is an option to “Check for Updates“.  When this item is selected, the program uses an HTTP request to check a file on my server, which contains the latest version number and compares it to that of the version being run by the user.

Check for Updates menu item.
Check for Updates menu item.

For those interested in the implementation, I originally just spawned an instanced of wget with the Gambas EXEC command and then opened the file, read the contents, and deleted the file.  Fortunately, after digging a little deeper in the Gambas documentation, I discovered the Gambas component, which includes an HTTPClient object type.  You can use this object to retrieve an file via HTTP and store it in a string buffer.  The Gambas documentation provides a good example of what I did.

Message report the results of the update check.
Message reports the results of the update check.

So, although GradeL will not depend on wget, it will now require two more Gambas components, and  Look for this feature in the next release of GradeL.