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Posts dealing with files releases from Project GradeL.

Gradel 0.12.1 released.

Just uploaded the source archive and .deb package for another release of GradeL.  This one includes three fixes and one small enhancement.  The important fixes include a correction in how weighted grades are calculated when a category has no items, and a crash that was taking place when trying to print progress reports.  Also, at the request of a user, I added the option of printing all progress reports with one student per page.

As usual, you can read the ChangeLog for details on this update and/or download it.  Also, please make suggestions for improvement and report any bugs you may encounter.

Take care!

0.11.2 Released!

GradeL 0.11.2 has been released. You can grab the source package or the Ubuntu Karmic .deb package from the download page (the .deb file should work on any Debian based distro also). This release includes several bug fixes and a few small feature enhancements and additions, including the new report that displays category averages for each student. For details on these updates and changes please review the ChangeLog.

As you already know, GradeL is a small, open-source project. Please continue to provide feedback and report bugs that you may encounter. While GradeL development is slow, it is still moving forward with your help.

Take care!

GradeL 0.10.0 Released.

I released a new version of GradeL today. Version 0.10.0 does not add any major features, but it should be more stable and allow users to work more efficiently. Check out the ChangeLog for more details. You can download the source or a .deb from SourceForge.

As usual, please report any bugs you may encounter!

GradeL 0.8.14 Released

This release includes several improvements and bugs fixes. I think that the weighted grades are finally under control. If you use weighted grades, please keep in mind that the extra credit is added on after the regular weighted grade is calculated. The extra credit will not exceed the weight you assign. For example, if a student earns all possible extra credit points and the weight is 0.03, then that students get 3% added to his marking period grade.

The rest of the changes are listed here:

gradel-0.8.14 – 31 Oct 2007

Bug Fixes:

- Adjusted some text labels on forms so that text shows correctly.
- Header labels positioned correctly in both grade mode and attendance mode.
- Long assignment names no longer over-write points in Progress Report screen view and printout.
- Moving and sorting assignments now check validity prior to action.
- Weighted grades tweaked again. They seem to calculate correctly now.
Extra credit is added on after grade calculation per its weight.
- Attendance spreadsheet no longer crashes program when no days have been added.

Improved & Updated Features
- Improved appearance on many dialogs.
- Absences and tardies now included with progress reports.
- Student number now shows in attendance mode as well as grade mode when selected in Preferences.
- Recent Files selection added to File menu and start up dialog window.

As usual, you can download GradeL here.

Release of GradeL 0.8.13

GradeL 0.8.13 has been released. This release includes many of the fixes and enhancements discussed in recent postings. Additionally, a new Assignment Management dialog has been added that allows sorting, moving, adding, editing, and viewing grade distributions of assignments.

Here is a screenshot of the Assignment Management window:

This release also includes a binary deb package for easy installation on Ubuntu or Debian. For more details, see the ChangeLog or download GradeL today.