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Another bug!

Well, as has become a tradition with GradeL releases, right after I get a new release out I discover another bug. This one will be obvious to anyone that uses GradeL to track student attendance. The column headers will appear two pixels higher than they should. Users who download the source package could patch the problem by editing line 919 of frmGradeL.class. The line should read:

temppb.Y = MAIN_Y + 1

instead of:

temppb.Y = 26

Of course, the fix will be included in the next release, which will now be sooner than expected.

Take care!

Problem with 0.11.0 packages

Apparently, there is an important file missing in both the .deb and source packages that I uploaded to SourceForge back in February. A user reported an error when trying to create a “Marking Period Student Progress” report from the report menu. A GUI form file named StudentReportForm.form was mistakenly left out of the packages and prevents the report from being generated. A fix is in the works and will be available soon.

Keep the bug reports coming!

Period & Exam Weights

The interface that I originally chose for editing period and exam weights was not great. I have updated the dialog so that it’s function is more natural and easy to navigate. The grid will size itself to the appropriate number of semesters and marking periods and then the use need only enter values between zero and one into the appropriate cells.

The new interface will be included in the next release.

Take care!

GradeL Wiki

I decided to take advantage of the wiki services available to SourceForge projects. I plan to use the project wiki as the location for GradeL documentation. If you use GradeL, then you know that documentation has not been a priority. I hope to improve this as the project moves forward.

The url for the wiki is If you would like to contribute content, please contact me.

Flexible Grading Scale

I have been adding subtle improvements to GradeL recently. One that I think deserves mentioning at this point is the new flexible grading scale. In the past, GradeL had a fixed scale that required users to have 13 grades (A+…E), because that is the grading scale that I have to use. However, I realize that other users may have different requirements. So, when the next release is made public, users will be able to adjust the number of grades and the minimum percent to achieve that grade.

Here is a shot of the new dialog:

The spin control allows the user to change the number of grade needed and the grid will automatically resize when the number is changed.

Murphy’s Law and a new GradeL release.

With a name like Murphy, there was bound to be a problem. Version 0.10.0 had a huge bug that prevented users from changing the grading mode from points to weighted categories in the Class Setup form. It appears that this is a left over from 0.9.1, although it was never reported.

It is possible that issue is caused by a change in some Gambas event handling in versions 2.9 and later. Currently, I’m developing on the latest stable Gambas release, 2.10.2. Anyway, for more info on GradeL 0.10.1, please see the ChangeLog and feel free to download the app.

Take care!

GradeL 0.10.0 Released.

I released a new version of GradeL today. Version 0.10.0 does not add any major features, but it should be more stable and allow users to work more efficiently. Check out the ChangeLog for more details. You can download the source or a .deb from SourceForge.

As usual, please report any bugs you may encounter!